Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Ending - May 31

I saw the Confederation Tour Trolley get towed away last weekend, and was a bit worried about it. Summer wouldn't be summer without that good old bus chugging around, full of tourists. So I was extra-happy to spot it near Breakwater Park yesterday. It seems to be back in business, as good as new. Or (even better) as good as old.

So that story had a happy ending, and so does this one. This is the last hour of the last day of the Every Day in May challenge, and I actually DID it, with just a little cheating here and there. I was bowled over by your support and enthusiasm and kind comments this month. I can't thank you enough, everybody.

I think I've caught the sketching bug now, so even though I might not be posting a new picture EVERY day, I do expect to be posting lots. Hope you'll be able to join me here now and then. Thanks!

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  1. Hey! found your blogsite - I'm adding it to my faves, It's a great site :-)