Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simultaneous Kingston

There's always a lot going on around here in the summer, but on Friday I think we outdid ourselves. On my way home from work, I counted EIGHT activities going on around City Hall, all at the same time:

1. The Confederation Trolley was loading up with tourists.
2. A couple of visiting sculptors from Zimbabwe were demonstrating their art.
3. A drum-and-bagpipe duo was playing some kind of Celtic-rock fusion.
4. A singer was belting out "Wastin' Away in Margueritaville."
5. A tour boat was leaving the dock for a dinner cruise of the 1000 Islands.
6. A motorcycle club was showing off a bunch of fancy-looking bikes.
7. The Movie-in-the-Square people were inflating their giant screen and getting ready for an evening show.
8. A jazz band was playing one old favourite after another for a happy audience.

Do we know how to launch a long weekend, or what? I hope yours was grand, as well. Welcome to autumn!

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