Thursday, March 17, 2016

Storydello: AP Knight's Legacy

Toward the end of Archie's life, he told the story about a speech given by his headmaster at the Renfrew School who "wished to make special mention of a boy who had made wonderful progress in his studies...Archibald P. Knight."

Archie said "I am quite certain that I was the most astonished pupil in the school. I dropped from my chair to the floor below my desk and obstinately refused to show myself."

Archie's keen mind and self-effacing nature lasted until the end of his life. When he died in 1935, a colleague said "Queen's never had a greater teacher than Dr. Knight. His mind was crystal clear."

The Royal Society of Canada added, "Modesty and sincerity were his outstanding characteristics." Beyond all his personal and professional achievements, it's Archie's kindness and integrity that stand out as his real legacy.

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