Friday, September 6, 2013

Bigger and Bigger

My "small books" are gradually getting bigger and bigger. Is this a subconscious reflection of my growing confidence? Or does it have more to do with my changing eyeglass prescription?

Whatever the reason, you can see the progression in this picture. From right-to-left: 1) tiny coil bound sketchbooks from the dollar store (I think they were sold as party favours), 2) "livretti"--which is my made-up name for the little 8-page books made from single sheets of letter-sized office paper, and 3) "small books," which are quarter-sheets of letter-sized paper, printed double-sided, sewn with dental floss and bound in cover stock.

Small books are my favourite, these days. But lately I've made a few "tall books" as well, from half-sheets of letter-sized paper. These were made as presents, and have been given away, so they aren't in this picture.