Thursday, November 1, 2012

Catching Up

Is it time for a big catch-up, or what? I've been neglecting this blog while working on three others, partly because Google changed the Blogspot interface (the one I use for Everdello) and I didn't like it.

Don't all these updates and upgrades drive you crazy? As soon as you learn how to do something, "They" change it. I seem to spend half my time learning new ways of doing things I used to be able to do easily. It's bewildering.

Having said that, I discovered a new app for my iPad that allows me to use the same interface for all of the blogs I work on, and to access them all from the same icon. It's called Blogsy, and I'm using it right this very minute.'s a long-overdue catch-up, and a vow (or, at least a stated intention) to Everdellize more often.

Since our last episode, the Alphadello series about gardens has gone from Queen Anne's Lace to...Z for you-know-what. Click here to see the latest pictures. A new alphabet will be starting soon. I won't tell you the theme yet, but prepare for plenty of buzzing and clicking.

The other blogs I've been working on are the library's War of 1812 blog and a very cool new project called StoryMe, where the blog entries are almost all being written by my talented and enthusiastic colleague Anne.

Three blogs ought to be enough, eh? Well. We'll see!