Thursday, April 28, 2016

Storydello: Corrie Moves to Kingston

No sooner had Archie and Corrie settled down and set up their house together in Hawkesbury than a new offer came along. Archie was hired as the headmaster of a school in Kingston. Off he went to find a house there, and to oversee repairs to the school after a recent fire. Corrie stayed with her sister near Hawkesbury, and gave birth to her first child--a boy named Freddie.

When she and the baby were well enough to travel, they joined Archie in their new home in Kingston. The limestone house at 203 William Street belonged to Queen's University and was home to Archie and Corrie for about fifteen years.

Four more children were born there, as Archie continued to rise from headmaster to university lecturer, medical student, doctor, and rector of the Women's Medical College. His promotion to a professorship at Queen's in 1891 came none too soon. With five growing children, two servants, and a soon-to-be live-in mother-in-law, the little house must have been bursting at the seams. It was time to move.

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