Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skeleton Park

Its real name is McBurney Park, but in the early 1800s this place was a burial ground. The bodies were relocated to another cemetery a long time ago, but once in a while construction workers still unearth bones. So around here it's known as Skeleton Park.

No place could feel less spooky--especially on a hot day, with kids running around. While I was sketching, the little girl in the pink shirt actually hugged the tree.

Back in June I sketched and coloured this picture on-site. But you can see what happened. The sun seemed to suck the paint right off the page. No matter how many layers I added, the picture just looked more and more anemic. It even felt gritty to the touch. It was a big old mess, so I put it away.

Tonight I pulled it out and tried to fix it up. It felt great to pick up the markers again. And it felt great to re-visit that hot June day. Meanwhile, I've been toasting my October toes in front of a space heater!

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