Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Aid Course

I just finished taking a two-day First Aid course as a re-certification requirement at work. During a short break I scribbled this sketch. It may not set the art world on fire, but it felt like a milestone because I did it in front of my colleagues and fellow students.

Several people were standing behind me at the time. It was hard to tell what they were really thinking. Maybe I don't actually want to know! But I'm learning that I can get past the awkwardness as long as I'm really keen to share the subject matter with you. So...thanks!

The course took place in the old gaoler's residence behind the county courthouse. Prisoners used to be kept down here. Check out the iron gate! Can you imagine what a clang that made when it slammed shut behind a murderer? Nowadays, people go there to learn how to save lives. You can see two CPR dummies on the floor, waiting to be "resuscitated" for the umpteenth time.

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