Monday, December 14, 2009

The Olympic Torch

It's one of those events where you wait (and sketch) for a long time and then zip-zoom, in a few minutes it's all over!

On the left is Market Square. (Those black blobs in the front are rows of stage lights waiting to be put up.) On the right is City Hall, lit up with a spotlight. Below is my street, lined with support vehicles and TV cameras.

Just as the torch arrived, a misty rain started to fall. But everything was moving too fast for sketching, anyway. I shoved my sketchbook inside my jacket to keep it dry, and grabbed the camera instead.

There's the dome of City Hall with the convoy of support vehicles and flashing lights--very exciting. And there's the torch, being carried past my building! It continued for a few more blocks and then looped back along King Street, carried by marathon swimmer Vicki Keith. Here's a blurry photo of her in front of St. George's Cathedral, just a block from the finish.

When she got to the stage, she touched the torch to a cauldron. That's the white thing in my scribbled sketch. I stayed for a few minutes of cheering, and to sing the national anthem. Then I scurried home to get warm and to drink some hot tea!

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  1. I need sketching lessons from you. These are wonderful! I would really like to be able to capture every day stuff and never do!