Monday, August 22, 2011

Oonching Forward

My first version of this painting (the middle picture in the photo above) was long and narrow, with a blue sky. But the layouts called for a different shape--and that meant moving the little girl and the two women into a new position, in front of the ship. Since there's no click-and-drag option in watercolour, I had to re-draw and re-paint.

Unfortunately, there's no undo button, either. So when I screwed up the second version by painting the sky yellow and then layering blue on top, I ended up with a mess (the top picture in the photo above.) Check out that puce-coloured sky. What was I thinking?! It looks even worse in real life.

This weekend I had the pleasure of doing-over my previous do-over, and fortunately I was happier with the result.

There are still a few details to add, but this one is almost finished. Let's hope it'll be a case of "third time lucky!"

Meanwhile, here's a slightly-blurry summary of my progress during the past four days. I'm reasonably satisfied, but there's still a lot of work left to do. Next week I'll zoom in on some details so you can see what I mean. Thanks for keeping me company on this long journey!

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