Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Catching Up with the Dellos


Oooo! I reformatted! I simplified! I started a new sequence! I'm excited! (Can you tell?) The new story is called 52 Queen's Crescent, and eventually it'll be 51 pictures long. You can see the first one here: A.P. Knight Grows Up. I hope you'll like it!


There are only two pictures left to go, in my ABC of Night. (Yes, I may have neglected to keep you up to date a teeny bit. Did you even know I was doing an ABC of Night?) If you feel like catching up, just click here and scroll down to see everything.


A few seasons have passed since my last update. Click here if you'd like to remember that "Bleak Midwinter" isn't the only season--even though sometimes it feels like it!


If you follow Everdello, you don't need to follow the other blogs separately. I'll keep you updated here. Meanwhile, thank you so much for checking in, and Happy New Year!