Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Storydello: Mona's Legacy

Mona's husband Herbert remarried and went on to a distinguished career as a Supreme Court Judge in Vancouver. He died in 1957 after a long illness.

We don't know much about Mona and Herbert's son Archie, who was living New Westminster, BC at the time of his father's death. We know more about their younger son, Phil.

During the Second World War, Phil flew 39 missions over France and Germany and earned a Distinguished Flying Cross. After the war, he returned to Vancouver and became a broadcaster and sports writer there. He also became a world-class bridge player. He died in 2012, leaving a wife, two daughters and a son, two stepchildren and five grandchildren.

This concludes the story about Mona and her family. Coming up--our final chapter--about Archie and Corrie's youngest child, Phyllis. She outlived the rest of the family by nearly two decades and saved their photos, letters and documents for posterity. Without Phyllis, this Storydello series would not exist!
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: Photo of Mona Natalie Knight, circa 1925, courtesy of Mary Elizabeth Clark, Cobourg, Ontario, 8 August 2014.