Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lovely Sunday

Sketching can kick a lovely, lazy Sunday to a whole new level. I started with breakfast on this patio near the lake.

Then I went for a walk along the shore. I even went wild and tried colouring a sketch on the spot. (The results are pretty mediocre, but was an experiment.) And I discovered that a toothbrush holder from the dollar store can hold four watercolour pencils and a waterbrush.

Then I picked up a few groceries. Around the corner from the grocery store, I sat outside the city's new concert venue/entertainment centre, overlooking Fort Frontenac.

Without moving from the steps I counted nine historic plaques. The one in the foreground says "Count Frontenac erected a fort here in 1673." I wonder what he would think about the rock concerts and monster truck exhibitions that shake these old stones in 2009?


  1. WOW you were really busy yesterday... I love your sketches and how you photograph them before painting them.... Nice work.

  2. These are wonderful sketches! I am really drawn to the one with the red awning at the top, it closes you in and makes you feel like you are peering out at the street! works really well.