Friday, November 20, 2009

Old King Cole

I'm still struggling with these nursery rhymes. The marker version (above) is the best of a bad lot, as you can see from the bloopers below.

It's sightly embarrassing to keep sharing all these failures with you. On the other hand, they're part of the process, and sort of fun to look at, in an "oh, my God" sort of way. Now you know why I feel so happy when a picture finally works out!

If these are too small, you can click to view them in giant technicolour. Shield your eyes first.


  1. I'm learning so much from your comments about your work with the nursery rhymes. Thanks for taking the time to document them. I love the work you're doing.

  2. Hey Deb--belated thanks for your comments. I'm delighted that you're liking the nursery rhyme thing. Thanks so much! xo