Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Revisions

In this scene, a piece of music by Charles Ives gets its first performance. Most of the audience members hate it. It's too modern! But a certain young composer loves it.

He walks out of the concert hall into the snow, still thinking about the music.

It's February 1967, and he's a block away from Orchestra Hall, crossing the street toward the Art Institute of Chicago. A vintage postcard gave me exactly the view I needed. And there really was a snowstorm that day. Sometimes my librarian skills come in handy for this kind of research!

1 comment:

  1. I love your drawings. I do have a couple comments which I hope you will find constructive. In the scene in the concert hall. the gentlemen next to the enthusiastic man needs a slight change to his eyes and mouth. He seems to like the concert. The people in the background are just right. I really like the snow scene but I like the pencil drawing better for the following reasons. I like the gentlemen walking across the street in the pencil drawing better Because of the shading on his shoes, the smaller head, angle and size of the left arm, and the slightly taller hat. Thank you for sharing your art work I so enjoy it.