Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My friends are getting used to the word "revisions." I'm working on a picture book about the composer Charles Ives, and every time someone asks "what are you up to these days?" my answer is the same: revisions, revisions, revisions!

I haven't had time to do Everdello-type sketches lately, so I thought I'd post a few of the Ives ones. Here's the pencil sketch and line art for the first picture of the book.

In this picture, Ives is heading off to work in the city. His wife's name was Harmony. I love that.

Ives used to write music during his morning commute. Back then, people knew him as a successful businessman, but hardly anyone knew about his music. Nowadays, it's the other way around.

These sketches are done with Primsacolour markers, but the finished art will be in watercolour. And we all know what will happen in between: revisions, revisions, revisions. . . . Thank goodness for patient friends and family. Thank you, guys!

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