Sunday, June 28, 2009

Poking a Thing With a Stick

Yesterday, workers were fixing something on the roof next door. The official term for it was probably "calibrating the flux regulator assembly" or something. Basically, they were poking a Thing with a stick.

I like the way my inner chatter goes away when I draw something I don't understand. Usually, that inner voice is jabbering away--"Now I'm drawing a window. The ledge sticks out a bit. Now there's a curtain...." But when I draw a gizmo, the inner voice goes, "Okay, there's a thing-y. And that other thing. And a doohickey sticking out." Eventually, it gives up and just grunts. I think it's good for me. It forces me to draw what I see instead of what I know. (Or what I think I know.)


  1. I just love it!!! xoxo Nancy

  2. Excellent words about ways of seeing and letting go so you don't get in your own way. Excellent art, too. :>

  3. Funny post! I love the way you post the photo of the sketch and subject followed by the finished drawing. Cool drawings!!