Monday, June 29, 2009

A Bunch of Little Ones

I came across a young family in Breakwater Park this morning and sat right down to sketch them. Kids and dogs were going every which way. It was good gesture-drawing practice for me, and I ended up with some energetic pencil sketches that I liked very much.

I knew the sketches would lose some of their oomph once I started to ink and colour them. But I did it anyway, because it was the colours that really attracted me to this subject in the first place. These sketches don't do justice to the gorgeous blue sky and water and the colours of the lifejackets and clothes. I mean, who could resist a scene like this:

So here's what the pencil sketches morphed into--a bunch of little colour sketches, and the memory of a perfect June morning.


  1. You have inspired me (again). I never would have tried this because (1) people were involved and (2) motion was involved, but you did an amazing job. It speaks of a perfect day out with the family. Good job!

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