Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beat Beethoven Run

The orchestra plays a Beethoven symphony. Four or five hundred people start running. They try to cross the finish line of a 4 km or 8 km course before the music stops, 50 minutes later. Before long, the crowd is cheering and clapping, the orchestra is playing like mad, the runners are pouring across the finish line, and the City Hall clock is bong-bong-bonging eleven o'clock. Is that a great way to spend a Sunday morning, or what?


  1. Hi I Love your stuff! Fresh and colourful with a definite style. Have bookmarked for further viewing when dinner is finished,
    :0) Clare from Australia.

  2. Hi to you, too, Clare! I'm so pleased that you like my pictures. Thanks so much for dropping by and for bookmarking my site. I'm tickled!