Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prince George Hotel - Finally

After three tries, I finally finished this sketch. My first attempt was interrupted by rain and I had to retreat to a coffee shop. A couple of days later, the road accident happened (see Monday's entry.) Then we had the power failure (see yesterday's entry.) But this morning, before work, I was able to sit on the bench and finish the sketch. All day I looked forward to coming home and putting the colour on it, and tonight I was finally able to do that.

I've got some reservations about the results. I struggled with the colours (how to handle white on beige on cream?) And I would make the whole drawing wider next time--obviously it's too tall and narrow, and let's not even talk about the way the tower sticks out like that. But every time I look at this sketch, I'll remember how eventful this week has been!


  1. I really don't know how you get to sketch in such a frantic setting! Love your website and visit it daily - you create a wonderful place to visit and lose yourself for a while. Keep it coming! But keep yourself safe ... it's mad out there!

  2. Funny, but I love the height of the sketch and the tower is most intriguing - it is brought me IN!! And if a sketch brings back good memories it is PERFECT!!

  3. Can't thank you enough for your comments, Stephen and Sandy. It's such a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you so much!