Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeping Up

It's comforting to know that journalists sometimes had trouble keeping up with their work, even 200 years ago. From last week's War of 1812 blog entry:
Want of help, and various other occurrences, has prevented the issuing of the Gazette until this late period; and we must beg the indulgence of our subscribers, in these critical times, if its appearance is somewhat irregular.  (Kingston Gazette, July 3, 1812.)
To those of us who sometimes neglect our blogs, that's a comforting thought. On the other hand, the Gazette editor had a pretty good excuse. Even though he'd been in the newspaper business for seven years, he was just 22 years old. He'd been married for all of ten days, he was serving in the militia, and war had just broken out. Pardon me while I go and lie down.
Meanwhile, here's your latest Alphadello clue. Can you guess what "M" stands for in today's installment of the Garden Alphabet?  To check your answer, click here.